Computer repair on the Outer Banks

I was surprised shortly after starting OBCR how much of a need their is for computer repair services here. I worked at Staples for 3 years as their lead technician before I started this. I can’t say any names but I heard some horror stories of high prices and lost data. Since I have started this business I have seen many other computer repair companies pop up and disappear. I am really impressed with how much all of my customers have supported us over the last few years, If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here!

Technology is changing so fast. The need for things to work properly for home users as well as for businesses grows every year. The amount these devices becomes a part of everyones daily live could be really great, and really bad at the same time. The look on some of our customers faces when they first walk in with their broken devices can be alarming. But the look on their faces when we fix their issues, save them money and do it fast in priceless! The best part of my job! Most of the time just the relief when we explain to them exactly what happened and what we are going to do to repair the issue is enough to calm them down. The fear of lost data, expensive repairs and time without their devices can make anyone crazy when they don’t understand why something happened.

I am really happy to be here, helping people and being able to see this business grow allot bigger than I ever thought when I first started this! I would like to see us grow into a full retail and repair shop in the near future. I know this is a small area but you deserve the same if not better service you could get anywhere else! Hopefully we can get their before a big corporate chain moves down here!

Thank you for all your support repeat customers and new!!!!