Solid state hard drives vs standard hard drives

Solid state hard drives are slowly becoming more affordable. In the past for most people the cost per Gigabyte for solid state drives didn’t seem necessary. The speed difference and the fact that their are no moving parts has always incited me. When SSDs first started popping up on the market for consumers they were over a dollar a Gigabyte. You can imagine how expensive they could get for the size drives most people would want. SSDs are also more reliable than HDDs. You should still keep your data backed up always!

You have to be careful picking an SSD though. Their are allot of companies that sell older drives with outdated controllers. Not that these drives wouldn’t be faster than standard hard drives but who wants old tech! You always want to get the best for your money! You also have to be careful when buying a new computer when they give you the option to upgrade to an SSD. Most of the time they will not tell you the brand SSD they will install. You can always buy a better SSD after you get the computer from a top brand, that will be faster and more reliable.

Most SSDs come with a transfer cable and migration software to clone your HDD to the SSD. As long as you don’t suspect issues with your current drive this is a great option! In some cases on older machines it would be advisable to perform a fresh install. Some on board settings that sometimes have to be changed might require this.

We have been recommending and installing Samsung, Intel, OCZ, and some Kingston SSDs. Usually it will depend on the specifications, reviews and cost of the drives at the time of the upgrade.


If you have any questions please give us a call. I can’t really add prices on here as they change everyday! We always shop around and get the best prices for the best products!