Data Recovery

Did you accidentally delete those priceless pictures? Have you erased those important files from your computer? It’s a terrible feeling to think all your files are gone! Don’t worry OBCR can help. We have a high success rate with logical data recovery, including data from non-operational computers, deleted files, and data corruption from just about any device.

  • Recovering data from hard drives that no longer load the operating system.
  • Recovering data from hard drives that cause your computer to lock up or freeze up.
  • Recovering data from hard drives that are not recognized by Windows and are able to be recovered using our software utilities.
  • Recovering data from hard drives with S.M.A.R.T. errors.
  • Recovery of data from USB flash drives.
  • Recover data from flash memory cards.
  • Recovering data from formatted drives or recovering deleted data.
  • Rebuilding partition tables or master file tables.
  • Repairing drives with electrical failures or drives that do not spin (additional time may be required if additional parts are needed).
  • Data recovery from RAID arrays.
  • Removing any infected files that may have cause corruption.
  • We can even recover data from cellphones.

Losing your data can be a horrible thing! You would be surprised at how much data we can recover! With that in mind, we can also format and thoroughly wipe and destroy hard drives, thumb drives, any type of flash memory before they are recycled. We can also help you setup a backup that will work for you!
If we can’t rescue your data we have contacts with data recovery centers at discounted prices. Also all the data recovery centers we partner with do not charge if data cannot be recovered. Your data will be delivered on an external hard drive and scanned and tested viruses before you pick up your data.