Virus Removal

Is your computer infected? Unfortunately even with the latest operating systems malicious software is still a growing issue. With hundreds of new viruses coming out every year it takes skilled, knowledgeable technicians to get the infections removed correctly. Not only remove, but repair the damage the infections caused. We also include a free tune-up so when you get your computer back it will be run more efficient and will better protected. We also leave a couple of great cleaning tools that we use as part of our virus removal and tune-up on your machine to help future infections!
Viruses are similar to other programs installed on your PC, except they are designed to perform malicious tasks. They can replicate and embed themselves in some way to ensure its survival on your machine. You might get pop-ups, fake virus removal scans showing infections, or notice your web search redirecting to odd websites. An unfortunate fact is that most of the worst viruses you won’t see any common signs at all. Some viruses hide dormant on your system, checking a server on the internet periodically waiting for a command to attack. Some may alter your system to hide all your files and make you think you have lost all your data. Others have no effect on your computer, but send spam email out using your email account to all your contacts. In most cases these days, virus programs come with pop-ups and advertisements trying to get you to purchase the software required to remove it. Don’t be fooled by these pretend scans. Giving your credit card information to these fake virus programs is a sure way to enter yourself into an identity theft issue, with fraudulent purchases soon to follow.
If you are unsure if you have a virus or infected files on your computer we do offer a basic tune-up that includes a virus scan and security check!