Viruses, Malware, spyware oh my!

What to do about Viruses, Malware, and spyware.

Unfortunately the internet can be a dangerous place. We get all kinds of people with infected computers everyday. Anything from just some popups and redirects to infections that hijack personal files. Although I couldn’t say there is one magic protection software that can protect you 100% there are allot of paid and free tools that can help you stay protected.

With our virus removal we broke our prices down to three tiers to help keep it fair for our customers when the infections are easy to remove. Also to keep it fair for us when we have to spend hours and hours removing the infection and repairing the damage. Most techs I have worked with in the past only remove the threats by running all their tools and scans until they come up clean and call the computer fixed. The damage left behind are usually the reasons why people get reinfected shortly after they get it back. Our virus removal also includes a free tune-up and some of the free tools we use to help stop future infections.

Most of the really bad virus we see are on machines that people use to download free music, videos and programs. The best way to help stop this from happening is do scan the download folder those programs put those files before accessing the files.

Macs are not immune from infections. Actually this year we have had a huge rise in the number of Macs that come in infected. Granted these are usually really easy to get rid of on Macs but this could be the beginning of the fall of the all powerful “i’m not going to get infected on my Mac” statement! In fact because people with Macs think they are so immune may get them into more trouble!

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