About Us

OFFICEMy name is Tim Lusk. I started OBCR here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2009. My goal with this company is to help bridge the gap between the known and the unknown in regards to technology. Starting this company has been one of the greatest jobs I have ever had! I don’t have to listen to a boss telling me to sell! sell! sell! I get to make up my own rules and am able to provide for myself and my employees in a way that is fair to the customer. I started my fun with computers in 1995. I was hooked; I could record music, video games, and art all on one device. Even when I was a kid I used to take apart everything I had and try and upgrade it, make it better somehow or just fix things. So of course I had to upgrade and tinker with my computer. I got my first awesome windows 98 Gateway PC (big bulky off white, came in a big cow print box). Right out of the box I had issues running my recording software. Believe it or not the frustration trying to figure out why everything was running slow on a brand new fast PC felt good. Getting to the bottom of the issue, doing research online ordering what I needed and seeing the results made me so happy. I went around upgrading my friend’s computers. I loved it!

Between way back then and today I have worked for many companies, traveled, and received lots of great training! None of that compares to my move to the Outer Banks, and starting this business. Being able to get back to how it was in the beginning. Helping people with their technology! A lot has changed but the main issues are the same. Helping people from getting overcharged, frustrated, buying the wrong devices, lose data, and wasted time.
Thank you too all our customers! To our new customers, stop in and see us, we will be happy to help you!