Networking for Business or Home

We can setup your network for you!

We offer custom cabling for your network and entertainment center needs. Anything from Wifi to network backups, printers, range extenders, security, outdoor signal or anything else you can dream up! We have helped many home users, hotels, motels, restaurants, and other small business maximize their Wifi signal, security, and fun for their networks.

Do you have dead spots in your house with weak Wifi signal? Internet providers will give you a wireless router modem combo that doesn’t even provide a good enough connection or speed to match the speed that they pay for, and charge you extra per month for wireless service. Their is no need for this monthly charge and an inexpensive upgrade to what they provide can boost your range and speed. You can get more of the speed you pay for with the right equipment and configuration. In most cases it is not about buying the most expensive wireless router to get the highest range, speed and compatibility, but matching the right equipment on both ends will ensure you get the most out of your network.

A lot of people don’t realize how important it is to secure their wireless network. In some cases people don’t even have a network key for their Wifi, or an easily cracked key. If someone in your immediate area connects to your Wifi and downloads movies, music and programs illegally you could be liable. If would be very hard to prove that it wasn’t someone in your home.

Just like with everything we do and recommend are main goal is to make sure you get the most out of your equipment. If anything we just want to make sure giant corporations are not taking advantage of the lack of knowledge most consumers possess about technology.